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Carbon Block

In Assam Carbon Products Limited (ACPL), Quality is more than a concept. From the time of purchasing the raw materials, binders, and additives used to make the various recipes for ACPL block till the delivery various quality checks are performed to ensure that carbon blocks meet and exceed the expectations of the customer. A carbon block is a rectangular shaped material with two flat sides and differing thickness. Various grades of Carbon Blocks manufactured at ACPL are:

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ACPL Guwahati factory in manufacturing Carbon Blocks and now is in a position to adapt itself swiftly to the market demands and to respond at any time to customer's requirements, from conception to the packing of the final products. ACPL Guwahati plant also produces many standard grades of carbon block and also supply powers to tailor-made requirements. Finally ACPL starts to develop and manufacturer innovation products corresponding to customer's requirements.