Company Profile

About Assam Carbon Products Limited

Assam Carbon Products Limited (ACPL) is a leader in the field of Carbon and Carbon related products since 1963. At ACPL our vision is to create innovative solutions that have the power to shape our future. Towards this we strive to deliver customised products and solutions to help our customers make their industrial processes safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

Since inception, ACPL has catered to an ever-growing industry portfolio including Railway Traction, Cement, Steel, Sugar, Mines, Power, Petrochemical, and Chemical Process by developing bespoke products for various applications.

ACPL’s first manufacturing facility was commissioned in 1963 at Guwahati, Assam. In order to widen our Grade portfolio we then entered into a Joint Venture with Morganite Carbon limited in 1972 with the aim to acquire some of the world’s best technology, machinery and manufacturing practices, catapulting us to a leadership position across India and opening up the global market to develop our export market.

Our second manufacturing facility was established in 1984 at Patancheru, Telangana (earlier Andhra Pradesh) where we focus on manufacturing of fully finished mechanical carbon products, Carbon Brush for Traction and industrial applications, Metallised carbon strip for Pantograph including resin impregnation and various types of metal impregnation.

In May 2016, ACPL became an independent identity, after the present management took control from Morgan AM&T (Formerly Morganite Carbon limited), but we retain the legal rights in perpetuity to produce all the grades/ products for which we have the requisite technical knowledge adopted from Morgan AM&T.

With over 350 people working across India, the company has created a diverse product portfolio in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical and Speciality Graphite, encompassing a very wide range of carbon and graphite products such as Carbon Brushes, Current Collectors, metallised carbon strip for Pantograph, Railways Signalling Contacts, Carbon Seals & Bearings, Carbon Gland Ring, Steam joints, Thrust Pad, Radial bearing, Carbon Vanes and other specialty graphite products for varied applications.

Since 2016, the Company has also embarked on a major Modernization Programme at both the plants to meet the rapidly growing domestic and export market demand considering the stringent quality and volumes requirement. With the aim to acquire some of the world’s best technology, plant & machinery and best manufacturing processes & practices and thereby becoming a High Quality Low Cost producer, catapulting us to a leadership position in India and opening up exports to the Global markets.