Lubricating Blocks

Lubricating Blocks

The mechanical and thermal properties of Assam Carbon’s graphite materials make it an ideal sealing material. The carefully selected material means that the graphite lubricating blocks are very hard and resistant to wear, yet flexible enough to conform to mating faces, thus ensuring a tight seal.

The low coefficient of friction and the self-lubricating properties of graphite make it ideal for application where normal lubricants cannot be used. It also extends the graphite blocks’ lifetime.

Assam Carbon Graphite Blocks simply ride in a holder against the rotating surface, allowing the weight of the graphite block to deposit the lubricant on the load-bearing surface. This process maximizes the transference of the graphite against the load-bearing surface, minimizes roller and tire wear, and ensures optimal performance in all pressures and temperatures.

Even high temperature application is not a problem for graphite due to its dimensional stability under wide temperature variations and its low coefficient of thermal expansion. Furthermore, graphite is highly resistant to chemicals, corrosion and oxidation.

ACPL Graphite blocks are manufactured in highly specialised workshops using CNC equipment, which ensures high precision tolerance and a smooth surface finish.