Mechanical Products

Radial/Axial Bearing

Assam Carbon Axial Brearings are made in the range of carbon materials (Carbon Graphite resin-impregnated or metal-impregnated) to meet different application requirements.All Carbon grades retain the basic properties, thus making them as unique engineering material, and particularly suited for axial bearings which may operate in conditions beyong the limits of other material..

Carbon Axial Bearing works better than LTB Bearing commonly used in submersible motor. Low coefficient of friction improves the overall efficiency and lower the starting current. Better machining tolerances can be achieved in carbon. Taking into consideration the worldwide ban on the production and use of lead, it is advisable that carbon bearings should be used in-place of LTB for even better performance.

Key Features of Axial Bearing:
  • Helps the pump to run in dry conditions.
  • Low heat generation.
  • Contribute in conservation of power.
  • Withstanding of unpredictable load.
  • Reduced input power requirement compared to Ferro Asbestos.
  • No seizure of motor after prolonged rest.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Lower HP pump performance at par with higher HP pump.
  • Start up at 90 volts compared to 120 volts for Ferro Asbestos.
  • Improving pump efficienct by minimum of 5%.