Mechanical Products

Thrust Pad

Steam heated rolls are used in the production process of many industries like Paper making, Petrochemical, Plastics, Rubber and Textile etc. One of the most common application is in paper making where the wet paper supported on felt passes over a steam-heated drying roll.

The most efficient way to connect the steam supply to the rotating unit is a by means of a steam nozzle using Carbon sealing rings, which have a high degree of reliability and maintainability. Carbon is self-lubricating and has excellent resistance to wear; it beds in rapidly and does not wear or score the counter faces. Carbon has high mechanical strength under compression and maintains its properties at high temperatures.

Although, theoretically it is possible to use sealing rings of rectangular cross section but, in practice it would be extremely difficult to obtain proper alignment. That is why a self-aligning spherical construction is adopted. It is, of course, essential that all sealing surfaces are highly finished; and also, sufficient clearance must be provided at the bores to allow the rings to float freely.

Assam Carbon Products Ltd.(ACPL) have been manufacturing Steam nozzle joint rings and bearings for many years. These are manufactured in grades for operating temperature up to 3500°C. Specially for high pressure steam joints our metal impregnated Antimony class grade is recommended.

Pressure joints. These joints connect a flow of liquid or vapour from a stationary supply piped to a rotating machine part, such as a roll, dryer or cylinder.

Rotary pressure joints fitted with "ACPL" carbon rings are widely used in the paper industry. They also find application in the textile, plastics, rubber, petro chemical, food and other industries handling liquids and vapours up to temperatures of 350°C.